About the Center

1. Teachers’ College Period

  • 1935 Pibulsongkram Teachers’ College Library: Chalermkuansatri School.
  • 1943 Founded Phitsanulok Teachers’ Training School on Chalermkuansatri School compound.
  • 1956 Converted to Pibulsongkram Teachers’ Training School and relocated to Wangchan across from Chalermkuansatri School.
  • 1958 Established Pibulsongkram Teachers’ School Library.
  • 1961 Promoted Pibulsongkram Teachers’ Training School to college and the library was located on the second floor of Building 1, Wangchan campus.
  • 1980 Constructed a new Library building and promoted to Library Department under the supervision of Office of the Rector, Pibulsongkram Teachers’ College (the current site of Office of Arts and Cultures).

2. Rajabhat Institute Period

  • 1995 Constructed a new library building at Pibulsongkram Rajabhat Institute, Talaykaew Campus.
  • 1999 Promoted to Academic Resources Center under the Office of Academic Support.
  • 2002 Put in place Magic Library system to provide more extensive services.

3. Rajabhat University Period

  • 2005 Promoted to Academic Resources and Information Technology Center having an equivalent position as the faculty. Asst. Prof. Sirisupa Aimyuak was appointed the Center’s first director.
  • 2010 Constructed a new electronic library and completed by the end of 2013.
  • 2013 Appointed Asst. Prof. Noi Kunchungtong as the Center’s second director.
  • 2014 Relocated the Academic Resources and Information Technology Center to E-Library building. Commenced services from June 8, 2017 onwards.
  • 2017 Appointed Asst. Prof. Dr. Buncha Srisombat as the Center’s third and current director.

4. Present

  • Academic Resources and Information Technology Center has strived to provide extensive and excellent services to our clients from students, faculties to communities. We have improved our staff’s competence to respond to the changing needs of our patrons. We are currently evaluating our staff performance according to the concept of SMART e-Library. We have refurbished our interior space to facilitate learning atmosphere in the digital age, organized multiple learning activities, and adopted electronic library system to manage academic resources effectively. We are willing to promote and support the core mission of the university in an attempt to produce qualified and ethical graduates.


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